Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tempo Fugit

Hello again - time flies and here i am already more than a week past the last post... plenty has happened, a lot of it quite difficult to explain unless you know the setup here. Ive been doing quite a bit of running - the place is ideal for it; so much space and certain really good routes that you're able to run by yourself if the weather is good and you take a radio. So fitness is back on the agenda. I had my first bit of training on the jetboats which form the main part of our boating capability, along with 2 rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). They are amazingly agile in the water, so much so that you can move sideways as well as forward and back, and can steer the boat with out using the "steering wheel" / helm. Very interesting. It is in the interest of the base for as many people as possible to be competent or even skilled in the use of these boats as they are a main part of our search and rescue capability if something bad was to happen. Which it won't, but it's nice to know we have such quality resources. Pictures of such things will no doubt appear soonish...

Anyway for now here are a couple of photos: of the view over to Grytviken:

Above, almost the same view last night and this morning - as you can see beautifully calm, just stunning! The pic below i took last night when a few of us were invited on board the small cruis ship the "Polar Star" for a barbecue, which was pretty impressive. The fruit carving skills of the chefs on there are unrivalled...

There was a coolish shelf on the end of the barbecue which was a perfect place to rest my camera for a bit of interesting photography after the food had departed onto plates and into stomachs... An exposure of about 4 seconds.

More soon! Rob

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  1. Lovely views, amazing....blah blah, Where are pictures of the amazing sideways moving super boats!!??