Sunday, 6 February 2011

Just Been On Holiday...

Just back from a cracking 5 days walking, looking, thinking, photographing on the Barff Peninsula, about 30 mins boat journey from base. See a photo a day at my 365 project site, and a little king penguin snap here... St Andrews Bay is a huge King Penguin colony at the confluence of 3 great glaciers on the north coast of the island. Inspiring all round - incredible collection of some of nature's finest works. King penguins in the their hundreds of thousands, gentoo penguins, elephant and fur seals, reindeer, shags, sheathbills, terns, giant and storm petrels, skuas... the list goes on. Awesome, in the true sense.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Blog Not Really Working Out...

Friends, colleagues, countrymen - I am afraid that due to shameful lack of updating on this blog, and no sign of the promised improvements in frequency by the blogmaster responsible, I hereby ditch this blog in favour of a new and more dynamic photo-based project.

I hope that you will enjoy seeing 1 photo for every day of the year, with a short comment on the day or the picture. It won't necessarily be a great picture, but more likely to be something which captures some aspect of daily life on South Georgia. And beyond... but thats a bit too forward thinking. For the moment, have a look at the above link and see if i do better at updating than before.... For now, I leave you with an image I took a couple of days ago of the elusive Leopard Seal relaxing on a small piece of ice a few kilometres from the base.

Hasta pronto. Rob