Saturday, 13 November 2010

To King Edward Point - Music

My first piece of music since arriving on South Georgian soil is here:

(right click, then save as...)

It is made using a combination of various sounds recorded along the route to South Georgia from Kingussie in Scotland, including birds singing in the back garden of my parents house, sounds of the creaking of the ship on the sail over from the Falklands, and some sounds recorded on bonfire night by the base here at KEP - not necessarily in the order of the journey, though... The rest of the sounds are made electronically using synthesizers and played using a mini-keyboard, and the whole thing is mixed in Logic Pro 8. Imagined as the start to an eventual whole album of music inspired by the island. Comments welcome... Rob

p.s. i wil be changing a bit the sound of the electric piano as i have just listened on a a few different sets of speakers and found that it sounds a bit too harshly "attacky" in places...

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  1. roberto, on route to the big R and waiting in punta. very nice relaxing music. keep up the good work and let us know how you are doing. all the best mi amigo riet