Sunday, 6 February 2011

Just Been On Holiday...

Just back from a cracking 5 days walking, looking, thinking, photographing on the Barff Peninsula, about 30 mins boat journey from base. See a photo a day at my 365 project site, and a little king penguin snap here... St Andrews Bay is a huge King Penguin colony at the confluence of 3 great glaciers on the north coast of the island. Inspiring all round - incredible collection of some of nature's finest works. King penguins in the their hundreds of thousands, gentoo penguins, elephant and fur seals, reindeer, shags, sheathbills, terns, giant and storm petrels, skuas... the list goes on. Awesome, in the true sense.

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  1. Hello Rob,

    A man name Michael Wenbeog who you met 10 years ago in Pokhra, Nepal is wondering how Vic (your then girlfriend) and you are doing. Also he is wondering why you went to Ecuador, after the two of you left Nepal.

    Michael was injured a few years ago, after Nepal, and now lives in Portland, Oregon. He thinks of you and Vic often, recalling his times in Nepal. You may remember he was then on TV, on BBC, with the Prime Minister of Nepal.

    He wanted me to write you this letter so you know he is still one of your greatest fans. He loves your music and considers you to be a total genius--one of the smartest people he has ever met. He would write you himself, but after the accident he has certain disabilities.

    He misses your company and hopes your current tour in Colorado extends itself to Portland.

    Best Regards,
    Michael Odegard (I live in Michael's apartment building, and he asked me to email you for him since he doesn't have a computer).